Positive reinforcement trainer Paige Burris

Explore the site and you’ll see that every aspect of The Positive Canine is about building your relationship with your dog, thus increasing your enjoyment of owning a dog! Come on in!


Welcome to The Positive Canine!

A positive reinforcement training service, owned by Paige Burris, North Carolina native and passionate cheerleader for all things dog! As a positive trainer and a lifelong student of animal behavior, I have worked with all breeds of dogs...some my own, some belonging to others, plus years of working or volunteering at kennels and in shelters. After witnessing countless "trainers" who use the old school way of military style force-training and seeing these methods fail, I am more convinced than ever that positive reinforcement training is the way to go. You don't EVER have to hurt your dog to teach him what behaviors you would like out of him! This newer, "positive" way of training is becoming a movement with forward-thinking trainers everywhere, to my (and all dogs') delight! Yay!

All my training is based in the latest scientifically proven methods—positive reinforcement methods, never with harsh methods or pain. This method is the most humane way of training, makes for a much more successful outcome, and your dog will respect you and love you all the more for it!

Building a solid relationship based on trust will put you on the path to having the dog you’ve always wanted, and the connection that grows between you and your dog will astound you. Yes, there’s work involved, but didn’t someone in your life tell you that anything worth having is worth working for? Someone knew what they were talking about!