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“Another trainer sold us prong collars for controlling our labs when we walk them. The first thing Paige did when she came to work with us was to tell us to get rid of the prongs and put regular flat collars on our dogs. She informed us that it isn't necessary to hurt the dog in order to teach it, and I never even considered that the prong collars were hurting them! What a difference changing over to training with positive methods made in the way we relate to our dogs! The dogs seem much more responsive and willing to work, even EAGER to work with us, now that they don't have any fears of being forced, with painful equipment, into submission. That isn't learning! That's forcing the dog to obey, using pain...and Paige showed us that is just isn't necessary! We learned a lot from Paige that day, and we'd recommend her to anyone. She knows her stuff.”
-Andrew C.
Willow Springs, NC


Positive Reinforcement Training

I only use the latest, most scientific-proven methods for getting desired behaviors from your dog. The best and most humane way is by using positive reinforcement training.
The first step is to figure out what motivates your dog most. Some dogs like toys, some are more motivated by food treats, some simply want the affection and attention of the owner. Once we figure out your dog’s motivator, that is what you will reward him with each time he performs the behavior you are looking for. Remember, timing and consistency are the two most important things when using this training method.

Why Should You Train Your Dog?

  • To have a way to communicate with your dog.
  • To start your puppy off on the right path by providing him with a solid foundation as early as possible.
  • To have your dog walk calmly on a loose leash without lunging or pulling.
  • To have your dog be able to greet anyone without jumping up on them.
  • To teach him appropriate places and times to go to the bathroom.
  • To protect your belongings by teaching him to chew on appropriate items, and not your new shoes.
  • To socialize him with people and with other dogs, so to avoid inappropriate aggression.
  • To protect your dog, by teaching him commands that could possibly save his life.
  • To have your dog respect us as leader of their pack

Those are just a few reasons for training, but there are lots of behaviors that we, as pet dog owners, want to see in our dogs, as well as lots of others that we don’t want to see. These are the reasons training is so important!

Training I offer:

  • Private one-on-one training for owner and dog
    (This training is best if your dog has a behavior you don’t like, and I can work with the two of you to help modify the bad behavior)
    Jumping, pulling at the leash, countersurfing, potty training, etc.
  • Group classes including: -Puppy (10 weeks to 6 months)
    -Basic manners (6 months and up)
    -CGC training (AKC Canine Good Citizen training,
    prepare for the test — this is for dogs who have already taken Basic Manners)
  • Tricks are for Dogs!: -Any willing dog is welcome to take this fun class.
    Using a clicker, you will be amazed at the speed of learning most dogs have. Again, this starts with knowing your dog and what motivates him/her! A fun class where you will leave with some fun tricks to show off to your friends!
  • Board & Train: If you are willing to commit to continued education/training for your dog, then Board & Train may be your answer! Your dog will stay in my home for three weeks, and experience extraordinary training, socialization, and be able to demonstrate his skills learned upon pickup. At the end of the training period, most dogs will demonstrate the expertise of dogs that attend an entire 6-8 week Manners class with their owners, and some will be beyond that level already! When you arrive to pick up your dog, we will spend as much time as necessary to ensure that the dog will respond to commands from you, as they will have had concentrated management and socialization, along with individualized training that is not possible when you go through a group class with many other dogs. Follow-up sessions can be arranged if necessary, but it is a rare case if this is needed, if you as the owner are committed to practicing with the dog daily.

    Some dogs will need to stay longer, if the behaviors that need focus dictate. Also, older dogs and toy breeds sometimes require a longer stay.

    Most importantly, you must commit to being your dog’s leader. That is what he wants anyway, someone to take care of the decisions, making it less stressful for him! It is very important to recognize that a dog’s behavior is usually associated to the environment he lives in. If that environment is unbalanced, stressful, not consistent, the dog shows his discontent through his behavior. If you are committed to helping your dog become the best he can be, you must be committed to spending time working on the good behaviors he’s learned while being board & trained. You can’t expect this training to “take” if you don’t practice! So, when you are really ready and committed for your dog to transform, choose the Board & Train option! You just might not recognize your dog when you pick him up!

Seminars including:

  • Responsible Ownership 101
  • Pit Bull Education Seminar
    (Here you’ll learn about the breeds that are considered ‘pit bulls’, the ugly history behind the breed, whether this breed is right for you, what the breed requires/what it takes to live with one of these dogs, responsible ownership, and the truth behind the bad press surrounding these amazing dogs)
  • How to Strengthen the Bond between you and your dog
    (Activities you can do with your dog that will increase the level of mutual respect, keep everyone healthy, and deepen the bond between you)
  • Socialization, Why It's Important

Please call for information regarding these classes/seminars! 919.395.0551