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“I would like to personally thank Paige for her generosity and kindness in helping us with our dog Sassy. Sassy was found kicked and beaten on the side of the road when she was around 3 months old. We adopted her at about eight months and she is a true sweetheart. However she has some challenges we were not equipped to deal with. Sassy is a pit bull and because of Paige’s love for and understanding of the breed, she has helped us with Sassy free of charge. Also, Paige’s method of training uses positive methods, which was very important to me, and more importantly, as she explained to us, using positive training methods result in more effective results, since your dog works in cooperation with you, the owner, simply because it is rewarding to do so. Paige explained that it is very important when dealing with aggression problems never to use the old military-style fear and punishment type of training, as this style of training is likely to make the aggression worse.”
-Cathy C., Oak Ridge, NC

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