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Cricket is a rescue dog from the Wake County SPCA. Besides getting her CGC in record time, she is a therapy dog and helps children learn to read, as well as providing amazing companionship to the elderly in local nursing homes. Cricket is an ambassador for the pit bull breed and she is working hard to change the bad reputation that these wonderful dogs have unfairly gotten! I think she is the cutest dog on the planet...but I'm not biased or anything like that!

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“It is so clear Paige has such a passion for helping people with their dogs, the positive training just comes naturally to her. She is very knowledgeable about dogs and has helped me and my husband with some of our foster dogs who were having trouble adjusting to foster home life after being in a shelter. I'm convinced her training assistance helped get them adopted! I really appreciate the positive methods used in helping us train our dogs, Paige's first interest is in creating a great relationship with your dog, and it works! Paige and her positive methods make training your dog fun! I highly recommend using Paige to help with any behavioral issues whatsoever! She's great!”
-Jill Marie C.
Raleigh, NC


About The Positive Canine

Well hello there! I’m Paige Burris, a positive reinforcement dog trainer and I am passionate about helping you build a great relationship with your dog, so that you can have the dog you had in mind when you first considered getting a dog! Your dream dog!

Upon my discovery that you can train a dog without hurting them in any way, I decided to take dog training and animal behavior even more seriously: I am currently getting a master's degree in animal behavior, after which I plan to pursue certification as an Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist. I am also working on my certification with the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) and I will take the CPDT (Certified Professional Dog Trainer) test in the spring! So I will be all official!...which is rare in the world of dog training! I was invited in 2009 to become a Training Partner with Best Friends Animal Society in Utah (major honor!). This just means that I am considered a positive trainer that trains using the most humane and proven methods available, and that jives with the way Best Friends trains too. I am the first Best Friends Training Partner in North Carolina, and I'll be able to answer training calls that Best Friends receives from NC! I am honored to be associated with this amazing organization.

What is ‘positive reinforcement’ training? All positive reinforcement training means is that you make it fun for the dog to learn to behave the way you want him to…by rewarding the behaviors he does right, thereby increasing the likelihood that he will want to repeat the good behavior, since he remembers he’ll probably get a reward for doing it! Timing and consistency are key with this type of training; you must reward the dog promptly upon getting the correct behavior you were looking for, so that the dog will begin to associate the correct behavior with a reward! The training must be consistent as well, so the dog does not become confused as to what behavior you are asking him for.

The part I like to focus on is the relationship between you and your dog. If you got your dog as a companion for yourself and your family, GREAT! Dogs are very social animals and they love to be with people! You have taken the place of the litter and mother they came from, and there is responsibility that goes along with that. A dog doesn’t come into your home speaking English, and you probably don’t speak ‘dog’. He needs (and deserves) to be taught the rules of your home…what is expected, what is allowed, what isn’t, etc. A Basic Manners class can help you understand how dogs communicate, what their needs are, and how they learn. When an owner works to understand what their dog is “communicating” with his body language, the potential for a great relationship lies before you…a relationship of mutual respect, and a wonderful foundation for many happy years together.

The more time your put in with your dog, the greater the potential for a wonderful bond and friendship for life! I’d be happy to show you how to get the most from your new best friend!

Meet my three dogs: Rocco, my male pit bull/weimaraner and one of my reasons for living. He inspires so much creativity in me and makes me laugh not just a little, but full belly laughs! He is so expressive with his face sometimes I just think he’s about to profess his love for me adopting him from the SPCA in pure English! But he doesn’t have to, I can read it in his beautiful eyes! He is super smart and knows many, many tricks. He has his CGC, is a therapy dog and enjoys cheering people up and making them smile. He is a big boy at 70 pounds, and looks pretty intimidating, but he is one big teddy bear lover boy dog. He is the sweetest of all my dogs. There is absolutely nothing I wouldn’t do for this dog. Nothing!

Nicknames: Handsome, Big Sexy, Big Rock, Rocky, Big Bear

My three dogs, Cricket, Rocco and Mamie

Next up, is Cricket, my female pit bull, who is without a doubt the funniest, smartest and cutest dog on the entire planet! She was a stray and ended up at the Wake County SPCA as well. I got Cricket as a playmate for Rocco, since he was only 5 months old, 55 pounds and a fireball of energy…too much for my little Mamie, thirteen year old whippet (he was bodyslamming her to the ground and putting her in a Figure 4 constantly…too much for a mature lady)! So Cricket came along and is a great match for Big Rock. Cricket loves to kayak down the river with me, over rapids, and yes, she falls in sometimes, but she swims like a champ right back to the boat to stand on the bow and be my first mate and navigator! Cricket is the most versatile dog I’ve ever had. She is a quick and eager learner and she is a major trick dog! She can dance in canine freestyle and we’ve been practicing our routine for when we make it on Broadway! (Just kidding, we may one day compete though!) She also has her CGC and is a therapy dog who helps children learn to read and spreads sunshine into nursing home resident’s lives. She lights up my life like no other dog could! I would give anything for her. Anything!

Nicknames: Miss Piggy (because she makes the Miss Piggy sound, and it is hilarious!), Pignose, Piggy, Ricky, Kickit, Kicky

Last but not least is Mamie, the last of my herd of whippets! She is old but feisty, and she doesn’t mind one bit putting the two pit bulls (and anyone else who may be visiting) in their place! This old lady shouldn’t be taken lightly! Her bark keeps all the dogs in line! Mamie also has her CGC and is a therapy dog, but her favorite thing in the world is to be wrapped up under several comforters on the couch. She knows what’s important in life! The last of my sweet, sweet whippets! I just love this breed!

Nicknames: Mammoo, MooMoo, BooBoo, Booby, Pooh

That’s my happy little family!! :)